Podcasting Basics

Podcasting, that is your very own radio show on the internet!

Podcasting is not brandnew anymore. It already has some miles on the motor.

More and more people are realizing the power and fun of podcasting.

The Podcast movement began 2005 when apple supported podcast shows.

Here an interesting article about “podcasting the future of audio”

So it is now about 15 years old.

You do not need a large studio to create a podcast. You can record it anywhere, for example in your kitchen or with a mobile recorder on top of a mountain.

Podcasting works this way:

  • You get your audio recording gear together (a microphone, a computer, an audio interface, recording software)
  • You learn how to get the best recording quality (testing)
  • you record your audio message and podcast show
  • you edit the show with your software and improve the sound quality
  • you export it as mp3 file
  • You upload it to the internet to your website or hosting service
  • You publish it on the many podcasting apps
  • For that you usually need a rss feed, that you will have to create (or let google do it for you).

There is a lot to know in the beginning, but all in all it is easier than it looks.

You can do it.

So if you want, you can start your own podcast or even more than one podcast.

The revolutionary about podcasts is that you can reach listeners around the world with your podcast show.

They listen to it on your website or on one of the many plattforms where you can publish your show.

It is very democratic. Everybody can podcast.

And it is very accessible.

Podcasting equipment is not very expensive.

Besides having the right equipment, you can also work on the way you talk into the microphone.

Just be selfconfident and give your best the attract a good audience.

These are some basic points here for everybody to start a podcast.

In the coming blog posts I will explain more in detail how to get started.

For example the different kinds of microphones.

Also I will show you the easiest way to record a podcast, without a computer and without an extra interface.

But so much for now.

Great, that you are interested in podcasting. It is a great way to get your voice heared.

Keep your dream of your own radio show on the internet going.

Your way to your very own podcast.

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