The easiest way to start recording your podcast – a mobile audio recorder.

The first thing you need, when you think about starting a podcast is a microphone and a recording medium.

Many people record their podcasts to a computer, using a software like Audacity.

Therefore they need a microphone and an audio interface to bring the sound into the computer.

But is this the most convenient way to record your pocast, especially, when you are a beginner?

In my opinion, the easiest way to record your speech is to use a mobile audio recorder.

I use for 10 years now the ZOOM H4n Audio recorder to record my podcasts, as well as quality audio for my youtube videos.

The microphones are integrated into the recording device.

There is no computer, that could freeze or crash.

There is nothing more anoying than a crashing computer with your perfect audio recording, that is lost in podcast nirvana.

You can take your mobile audio recorder with you.

This means you can record whereever you are. In the park, on a train, at the airport in a hotel room, or simply at home.

When your recording is done, you take your SD card and copy the recording to your computer.

There you can do the editing of your podcast. You can cut your mistakes out and maybe mix some intro and outro music to your audio content.

A Zoom H4n is about 200 Euro.

So it would be cheaper to record with a microphone + cable + audio interface.

But personally I believe it is way more convenient to do the recording into a dedicated device and than you can copy the mp3 or wav file to your computer.

Also for interviews on the street or like a reportage podcast a mobile recorder is super handy.

I have mine now for 10 years.

I would recommend a mobile recorder to my younger me.

Also when you get more professional about podcasting, you can plug professional microphones into the device and record on separate tracks.

A mobile audio recorder is your studio in your pocket.

It usually gives phantom power to external microphones, when needed and it can be powered with simple batteries.

Connecting a microphone with an interface to a computer can be difficult. I still have today to search for the right settings to record my podcast.

There are also mobile audio recorders which can record 4 external microphones like the Zoom H6.

The Zoom H6 is about 300 Euro, but you have more options for the future to grow your podcast.

You can record 4 separate persons with it.

You can of course also use the Zoom H1n, which can be found for under 100 Euros.

It has no external connections, but you can record your podcast and work like described above.

If I would be starting a podcast today, I would get a mobile audio recorder.

It gives you the best flexibility and it is crash free.

Also with a mobile recorder you get encouraged to go outside and bring interesting stories home to your podcast.